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Txt Muse is an AI-powered text editor that helps you write better long-form content, easier than ever.
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Of the AI writing tools I've used, Txt Muse is the best by far.
Author profile picConnor Mooney, Founder of Moto Marketing
Txt Muse makes great content easy
Start new posts in a snap
AI-assisted drafts

All you need to get started is a title and a brief description. AI will generate a solid first draft for you.

That makes it a lot easier to get started on any writing project.

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Eliminate writer's block

If you're stuck at the end of a sentence, Txt Muse will suggest a way to finish it.

Often, it's perfect as-is—you can accept it and keep jamming. Even when it's not, it helps get the those creative juices flowing.

Stylized illustration of the Txt Muse autocomplete feature
Rewrite options in a click
Text shaping

Instead of wracking your brain to find the right words, AI can do the heavy lifting for you.

Highlight a section, click a tool, and instantly get a dozen different ways of expressing your idea.

Stylized illustration of the Txt Muse rewrite feature
People love writing with Txt Muse
My team and I are obsessed. It's the best writing tool we've found.
Author profile picErin Gusty, CMO at Plot
I'm writing better blog posts in half the time it used to take. What a lifesaver!
Author profile picRachel Sueltz, Freelance Writer
It's seriously the best thing ever—it's actually made writing fun!
Author profile picJake Dunn, Marketing Strategist at Apollo
Over 1,000 marketers are writing with Txt Muse
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Rally your team with strong project plans
Create landing pages that really resonate

Start writing content you can feel confident in.

Txt Muse is designed to support you in every step of your writing journey—from initial brainstorm to final revision.